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Joe Toscano

  • PhD
  • Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Beckman Institute, University of Illinois
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My research focuses on speech perception and spoken word recognition and examines several questions about these processes: How do listeners map sounds onto words? How do they deal with variability in speech caused by different contexts? How do they combine multiple acoustic cues? How do they learn to do all of this? To answer these questions, I use several approaches to examine the time-course of speech processing as it unfolds: event-related brain potentials that give us measures of perceptual encoding and categorization, and eye-movements that tell us about lexical activation. In addition, I use computational models that simulate how speech is learned and processed in order to make predictions about how listeners will perform in these experiments.

Recent publications

  • Cue-integration and context effects in speech: Evidence against speaking-rate normalization

    • Toscano J
    • McMurray B
  • Towards an integration of connectionist learning and dynamical systems processing: case studies in speech and lexical development

    • McMurray B
    • Horst J
    • Toscano J
    • et al.

Professional experience

Postdoctoral Fellow

Beckman Institute, University of Illinois

August 2011 - Present



Dept. of Psychology, University of Iowa

August 2005 - July 2011(6 years)


Dept. of Brain & Cognitive Sciences, University of Rochester

August 2001 - May 2005(4 years)


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