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Jonas Heen Hæg


      Ben Engie Benjy Shamalam Ktáne The name "Jonas" has several meanings, and the meanings vary depending upon the several origins of the name. The Hebrew version of the name means Dove; a symbol of Peace. From this it is assumed that the name Jonas means a peaceful being. The Biblical version of the name includes the Hebrew meaning, but additionally means someone who is a 'destroyer' or 'he who oppresses'. As a variation of Jonah, it can be considered to mean 'accomplishing', and a 'gift from God'. It is also said that he who possesses the given name Jonas will lead a very prosperous life and will succeed in anything they wish. The name "Jonas" is derived from the Greek "Iōnās", ultimately from the Hebrew name Jonah, meaning "dove". The biblical character Jonah entered the whale's gape, but was spared, and exited the gape alive—a prime example of God's mercy in biblical terms.