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Jonas Wegener

  • Universitatsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf Zentralinstitut fur Arbeitsmedizin und Maritime Medizin und Universitatsprofessur fur Arbeitsmedizin
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Universität Hamburg

Research interests


About me I study education, history and social sciences (focus: sociology) at University of Hamburg. Since 2004 i worked in serveral research projects. [since 7/2007] I´m a graduate assistant (without graduating) at *mms (MultiMedia-Studio). I´m contact person for: Web 2.0 (Communitybuilding), 3D-Animation, 2D-Animation. [since 9/2007] I´m a graduate assistant (without graduating) in the research project "ePUSH". I work as webdeveloper with the CMS "Drupal" to build a community-website for our faculty.

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