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Jonathan Bean


      My blog about my project on a government and society simulator and other interesting writings about the future and solutions to social problems I am reading books trying to develop my own plan for learning and life. You can follow what I am reading on my timeline and on I am reading about how to solve social problems. I am thinking about starting or joining a nonprofit of some sort commited to social progress. About the group project: With the "Dreaming for the World" group I hope to inspire people to do good things for the world but first of all to want to do good things or to value a good life as a first step to doing good. For instance, I could have a lot of reasons to live a good happy life but I could still settle for a simple pleasures kind of life, because the simple life does not involve too much effort. One still needs enough motive, the value of life, to do what it takes to live the most good and the happiest life. Official and up to date about me page: About me, my blogs, philosophy essays, and websites,11-10-13 JNB