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Jose Herrera


      Feel free to game with me @ : 3Ds FC#: 5455-9670-8226 kFlyff: DivineCovenant88 (retired) eFlyff: SexySqueezeToy (banned) mFlyff: MrbearToy (retired) Guild Wars 2: Paranormal Bear.2539 XBOX 360 - MrBearToy Move as swift as the wind Stay as silent as forest Attack as fierce as fire Unbeatable defense like a mountain. (Fūrinkazan) I do not support hate crime groups nor the NRA. If you support either of these clicks, please do not befriend me. I won't accept bigotry on my list of friends.

      Professional experience

      JSHS & OJH Substitute/Tutor


      January 2008 - September 2011(4 years)


      Óptica Visión.

      August 2010 - August 2010(a month)


      Options Group

      May 2007