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Joseph Ayariga

  • Tuskegee University


    I am born into Zion, and stays in Zion, of where I have my residential permit. I usually have my ambassadorial duties down in a town called Tuskegee. I am an extremely efficient person, and probably logical to the extreme.I structure my life and learning in a very precise way.I benefit from the experience of theorical and practical learning and seek rational in situations and feel most comfortable with routine. I am a detailed person, digging deeper into issue and finding profound knowledge of situations that surface superfluity. I see situations and problems with equal clarity and value and thrive in my ability to fit each puzzle into a unifying structure. I am in most cases very reflective, objective and goal oriented whiles still retaining the humility of appreciating and listening to others.

    Professional experience

    Tuskegee University

    University for Development Studies