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Joseph Kiniry

  • PhD
  • Professor and Head of Section
  • DTU Informatics, Technical University of Denmark
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Recent publications

  • Vótáil: A formally specified and verified ballot counting system for Irish PR-STV elections

    • Cochran D
    • Kiniry J

Professional experience

Professor and Head of Section

DTU Informatics, Technical University of Denmark

September 2012 - Present

Associate Professor

IT University of Copenhagen

February 2010 - August 2012(3 years)



California Institute of Technology

May 1996 - May 2002(6 years)


California Institute of Technology

June 1996 - May 1998(2 years)


University of Massachusetts, Amherst

August 1992 - August 1994(2 years)

BSc, BSc

Florida State University

June 1988 - May 1992(4 years)


I am the Head of Software Engineering and Full Professor in the Department of Informatics and Mathematical Modeling at the Technical University of Denmark. I am also a Guest Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen. I lead the KindSoftware research group. My KindSoftware research group has been partially funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research by the Programme Commission on Strategic Growth Technologies via the DemTech project, the European Project Mobius within the IST 6th Framework and CHARTER within the IST 7th Framework, the Science Foundation Ireland via the UCD CASL SenseTile System grant and the Lero, the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre, Enterprise Ireland, the IRCSET Embark Initiative, the EU Framework Program via the COST Program (European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research) action IC0701 "Formal Verification of Object-Oriented Software," the IT University of Copenhagen, and various UCD Seed Funding Initiatives. My total funding since 2005 is approximately 2.75M Euro. Between March 2010 and August 2012 I was an Associate Professor in the Software Development Group at the IT University of Copenhagen (aka ITU). I am also a member of the Programming, Logic, and Semantics Group, an affiliated member of the Center for Computer Games Research, a member of the Software Engineering Cluster, and a member of the Models research group. Between Fall 2004 and February 2010 I was a tenured Lecturer in the School of Computer Science and Informatics at the University College Dublin and a founding member of the Complex and Adaptive Systems Laboratory there. Between Fall 2002 and Fall 2004, I was a postdoctoral scholar in the Security of Systems (SoS) Group in the Nijmegen Institute for Computing and Information Science at the Radboud University Nijmegen. I am a PhD graduate of the Department of Computer Science at the California Institute of Technology and also earned several degrees from UMass, Amherst and FSU. I am also an entrepreneur. I have started five companies thus far and I am an independent consultant with well over a decade of experience. I am interested in formal methods, foundations of mathematics, software engineering, software/system/network security, distributed systems, object-oriented and component-based systems and languages, (end-to-end) electronic voting systems, knowledge representation, systems modeling, artificial life, and the many different theoretical underpinnings of computing. In short, I am a Computer Scientist/Mathematician researcher and hacker, in the old sense of the term.

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