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Joseph Letzelter

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Hi I am Joseph Letzelter, Presently working as Project manager for a multi-national company Southern Land SoftTech Incorporation, in United States. I have been in my company for the past 5 years. Interests: Joseph Letzelter interests include Art, Paintings, reading books, long drives, watching movies and listening to music. Favorite Music: Hi I am Joseph Letzelter my favorite music include Metal Music, Hip-Hop Music, Trance Music, opera music and classic Music Favorite Movies: Hi I am Joseph Letzelter, The Brothers Bloom, Martian child, Angels and Demons, Ink heart, Monsters Vs Aliens, Fast and furious. Movies I want to see: Hi I am Joseph Letzelter, Feel the Noise, Hannah Montana, Adventure land, lord of the rings, childhood, boyhood and Youth. Favorite Books: Hi I am Joseph Letzelter, Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice, The Bible, Nineteen Eighty, Da Vinci Code and A fortunate Life. Books I want to read: Hi I am Joseph Letzelter, The Catcher, The Pillars of the Earth, The wind in the Willows, 800 Horseman, Wuthering Heights and to kill a Mockingbird. Favorite quotes: Hi I am Joseph Letzelter, “Beauty is power; a smile is its sword”; Laugh until your cheeks hurt; there is nothing worse than being ordinary; “A censor is a man who knows more than he thinks you ought to”. Favorite foods: Hi I am Joseph Letzelter, Mexican food, vegetable soup and steak, tomato soup with sour cream, Macaroni and cheese, Pork rinds and Chicken enchiladas. Favorite Places: Hi I am Joseph Letzelter, Jim Corbett National Park, Shimla, the tower of Pisa, Darjeeling, London Canal Museum, Easter Island and Anne Frank House. Places I want to Visit: Hi I am Joseph Letzelter, Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Adelaide, Niagara Falls, Hudson Bay, Seattle, Orlando, Miami, New York and Istanbul.

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