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Joshua Brinkerhoff

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Aerospace Engineering
  • PhD student
  • Carleton University
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Joshua Brinkerhoff received his Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University in 2007, specializing in aerodynamics and vehicle performance. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate under the supervision of Prof. Metin Yaras. His graduate work is focused on instability and transition in a variety of shear flows, with particular emphasis on the multiple modes of instability in attached and separated flows on gas-turbine airfoils. He has contributed to the undergraduate program at Carleton as a contract instructor for fourth-year courses in fluid machinery and computational fluid dynamics and to the graduate program as the Teaching Assistant Mentor from 2009-2011.

Professional experience

PhD student

Carleton University

January 2009 - Present


Bachelor of Engineering, Aerospace

Carleton University

September 2002 - May 2007(5 years)

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