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Juan Ye

  • Lecturer
  • University of Saint Andrews School of Computer Science
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Recent publications

  • On using temporal semantics to create more accurate human-activity classifiers

    • Ye J
    • Clear A
    • Coyle L
    • et al.
  • An overview of pervasive computing systems

    • Ye J
    • Dobson S
    • Nixon P

Professional experience


University of Saint Andrews School of Computer Science

October 2012 - Present

Postdoc Researcher

University College Dublin

March 2009 - Present



University College Dublin

September 2005 - March 2009(4 years)


Wuhan Univeristy

September 2002 - July 2005(3 years)


Wuhan Univeristy

September 1998 - July 2002(4 years)


Juan Ye currently holds a postdoctoral research position in Clarity, UCD. She holds a Bachelor and Master degree in Computer Science from Wuhan University, China. Her Master dissertation title is “Research on Software Reuse Technology based on Object Deputy Mechanism in Squeak Environment”. During the Master study, she has published two international conference papers, one national journal paper, and two national conference papers. She is conferred with her PhD at UCD in 2009. Her PhD research topic covers formal context modelling, ontology, location modelling, uncertainty resolving, and situation abstraction. Her thesis title is “Exploiting semantics with situation lattices in pervasive computing”. This work proposes a sound mathematical abstraction, situation lattice, to systematically study the semantics of information flow in pervasive computing. With the help of hierarchical features and operations in lattice theory, situation lattices have a powerful ability in representing the semantics of sensor data, environmental information, and human knowledge. They are useful in learning and building consistent relationships between the above information and higher-level information; that is, situations. Richer semantics between situations can also be derived, such as specialisation and mutual exclusiveness relationships. She has published at a number of international journals and conferences including Knowledge Engineering Review, the international conference on pervasive computing and communication (PerCom), the international conference on pervasive computing (Pervasive), the international conference on pervasive services (ICPS), and the international symposium on location and context awareness (LoCA). She has also written a book chapter for the book “Augmented materials and smart objects”, published by Springer Verlag. She has served as a reviewer for the premier venues, including Ubicomp 2007 and Revue d’Intelligence Artificielle. Currently she works on information processing in wireless sensor network, which involves handling noisy, missing, delayed sensor readings, detecting faulty or unreliable sensors, aggregating a large number of redundant sensor readings, and inferring high-level information from low-level sensor readings. She is also involved in Ambient Assisted Living Demonstrator.


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