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Jurnal Littri

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    Industrial Crops Research Journal is a primary scientific publication that contains the results of research on estate crops commodities that have not been loaded on any media. Beginning in 2017, this Journal is published twice a year by the Indonesia Center for Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD).

    Recent publications

    • Potensi Dampak Ekonomi Penerapan Teknologi Pemupukan dan Polikultur Lada di Kabupaten Purbalingga, Provinsi Jawa Tengah

      • Ardana I
      • Syakir M
      • Karmawati E
      • et al.
    • SERAPAN HARA N, P, K PADA TUJUH NOMOR HARAPAN SERAI DAPUR PADA TANAH LASOTOL / The Nutrient Uptake of N, P, and K of Seven Promising Numbers of Lemongrass in Latosol Soil

      • Octivia Trisilawati, Deliah Seswita M

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