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Kandace Tietz

  • Victor Valley College


    I am not the same me I once was... That shell of innocence has long been cast away... What remains is what you see... An altogether slightly eviler ME! ME... As in who I am? Hmmm... That's a good one... Let's see... How do I go about explaining ME? Well... Currently, I am 27; I'm in my second semester of college where I plan on majoring in Computer Information Sciences; I live in the middle of freaking NOWHERE, (which I absolutely LOVE!) with my dearest, sweetest and most loved boyfriend; I have 2 cats (Cyd and Bale); he has 1 puppy-dog (Terra)... Let's see... what else? For fun and games I like to ride dirt bikes with my baby; play around on my computer and delve into the depths of teh internets; play video games (which I find I have a lot less time to do than I'd like to now that I'm in school...); read almost ANYTHING on my Kindle; put together models; watch anything related to WWII; learn anything that amuses me or piques my curiosity and try and think of ways to take over the world! (insert evil laughter here)... I'd absolutely LOVE to finish learning Japanese (I took 1 semester of Conversational and 1 semester of Beginning way back when...); finish school and get a decent paying job so we can move out (not out of the middle of nowhere, but just into a bigger place!); get a horse of my very own; finally get my own car and you guessed it... finally take over the world!!! (more evil laughter)... Other than that, I tend to be a little on the shy side when you first meet me (although Chad would say that's a huge understatement... lol...), but once you get to know me, you find there are times when you can't get me to shut up! Then there are times when I'm quieter than a church mouse and you're hard pressed to get me to say much of anything at all... it just depends on my mood...; I HATE waking up! Beware the wrath of me if you ever have to... I also hate the cold, but I LOVE it when it snows! (I know, I'm just full of contradictions, aren't I?)

    Professional experience

    Animal Caretaker / Equine Sanitation Engineer

    Private Ranch

    March 2008 - September 2009(2 years)

    Cashier/ Funnel Cake Cook

    Six Flags Magic Mountain

    March 2003 - November 2003(8 months)


    Victor Valley College

    August 2010 - Present