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Kate Eaton

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    I am: married, tall, open-minded, friendly, sweet, a resident of Ahwatukee, a Marketing Ph.D. student, lactose-intolerant, allergic to shellfish, opinionated, funny, ambitious, independent, loyal, stubborn, well-mannered, a cook, a lover of all things pie, happy I have: two cats, a dog, conviction, a sweet tooth, a song on the tip of my tongue I love: Christmas, popsicles, going to the movies, animals, my family, pajamas, my laptop, surprises, cozy blankets, coffee, reading, writing, swimming, art, music, chilly weather, pedicures, my iPod, feeling accomplished (and/or productive), a sunny day with a light breeze I want: a red front door, to finish grad school, a llama, a maid, a cat on my lap, a nest egg, to be an astronaut, to see my name in print

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