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Kathleen Jordan

  • English Language Teacher
  • FOKUS Sprachen & Seminare


    PEOPLE WHO INSPIRE ME 1.) People who apologize for a wrong they've committed and mean it. (I'm also inspired by people who accept the apology and also mean it.) 2.) People who recognize there's a problem but rather than complain and blame, offer solutions and are willing to carry them out. These people are great teachers. 3.) People who use every ounce of their God-given talents without bragging, and always strive to improve. 4.) I'm overwhelmingly inspired by people who aren't the "best" at what they do, but always try their best no matter the circumstance. Failure is not in their vocabulary. 5.) People who count their blessings. They enjoy what they have whether it's a little or lots, and know how to be satisfied. These people have peace of mind because they are not caught in the non-ending torture of always needing more. They enjoy all, but need nothing--there is a difference. 6.) I'm inspired by people who stop at a child's lemonade stand to buy what amounts to warm sugar water. They are the encouragers of tomorrow's entrepreneurs. 7.) People who take a leap of faith and do as their heart directs, very much inspire me. It's not easy for people to do what feels right, especially if it's something that goes against popular opinion, family members, friends, co-workers. This is undeniable courage. 8.) Good listeners who do not judge really inspire me. What an amazing gift of compassion. They are the world's hope for peace and sanity. 9.) People who stop to help change a car tire, especially if it's cold and raining. Total heroes! 10.) People with a great sense of humor. They put a smile on my face and a spring in my step. When I am with someone like that the weight of the world, at least for the moment, is off my shoulders. *** Experience the joy of your time together! Complete the cycle! Share good-byes without sorrow. Treasure the uniqueness of your experience! Open yourself to the possibility that having learned here you may facilitate similar experiences...

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