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Kathy Bragg

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Research interests

Prehistoric archaeology


By day I'm a systems analyst - I do my best to understand what people are wanting/needing to do (and why) and translate that into some kind of technical solution. I'm therefore quite interested in motivation, change, ideas and knowledge and how these influenced human behaviour in the past. I'm also quite interested in how our techniques for tackling questions in archaeology are influenced by our modern understandings and tools, and a lot of my time is spent picking apart why we think certain things are true and how we know what we know. I'm also learning that there are words for all this stuff that I've been idly mulling over for years. I'm not much interested in digging: I have neither the eyesight nor the patience for that kind of thing. I much prefer being out and about and looking at stuff. Despite having no sense of direction and being distinctly geographically-challenged, I adore maps and aerial photos. I just can't always relate them to the reality around me!


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  • The concept of agency and its significance in archaeological interpretation

    • Bragg K

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