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Keita Matsushita

  • Ph.D
  • Associate Professor
  • Jissen Joshi Daigaku
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Keita Matsushita is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Jissen Women’s University in Tokyo, Japan. He received his Ph. D. from the Kyoto University for his study of impact of new media technology on school education. His main research interests are work place and work style in Social Media society. He has conducted several research projects and workshops for the social innovation with major Japanese companies. His publications include "Workstyles in Mobile Media Society" (Keisoshobo, 2019), "Various Phases of Internet Society" (Gakubunsya, 2015), "Career Education for University Students"(Keio University Press, 2015), “Digital Natives and Social Media” (Kyoiku Hyoronsya, 2012), “Learning and Education in Computer Internet Age” (Jissen Women’s University Press, 2011), “Access to Information Media Society” (Hachigatsu Shokan, 2007).

Recent publications

  • The post-mobile society: From the smart/mobile to second offline

    • Tomita H
  • Perspectives on personal learning environments held by vocational students

    • Valtonen T
    • Hacklin S
    • Dillon P
    • et al.

Professional experience

Associate Professor

Jissen Women's University

May 2012 - Present

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