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Keith Drummond

  • BA in International Relations
  • Dublin City University

    Professional experience

    Research Assistant (Democratization)

    Dublin City University

    August 2009 - December 2009(4 months)


    BA in International Relations

    Dublin City University

    August 2007 - Present


    I am just about to complete my BA in International Relations and it has always been my desire to build upon that with a specialisation. Initially, my primary interest was in security issues, but during my time at DCU I have focused my interest in this field to the threats that we face today from 'violent non-state actors', and how they have embraced the new media and embraced the tools of globalisation. In previous careers I have travelled extensively (as an officer in the merchant navy), and I am an active in the open-source software community helping to develop the Linux-based operating system, Ubuntu. Combining my practical knowledge of the driving forces behind this current period of globalisation, the global movement of goods and the internet, and building on this with new theoretical understandings of the dynamics in today's interdependent global communities, I believe I have the foundations necessary to take my interests to a higher academic level. Currently I plan to study for a MA in Security and Conflict Studies, and have two preferences for career prospects, to either develop my interests further with a PhD looking at VNSA, resilient communities, and new media, or pursue a career in analysis.