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Keith Hearne

  • (BSc MSc PhD)
  • Hypnotherapy Training lecturer
  • London Hypnotherapy Training Classes

    Research interests

    England 197Liverpool UniversityEngland 1973-75 PhD – Dept. of PsychologyHull UniversityEngland 1970-73 MSc – Dept. of PsychologyReading UniversityPRINCIPAL & FOUNDERkhearne BSc – Dept. of PsychologyPsychologist Dr. Keith Hearne (BSc MSc PhD)


    Dr Keith Hearne is probably the UK’s most distinguished trainer in hypnotherapy. He established the European College of Hypnotherapy over 14 years ago, and has introduced many completely new approaches in the field. Fuller information about Dr Hearne, including his scientific publications, PhD thesis, books published, musical compositions, etc. may be viewed at smuse5 Dr Keith Hearne is an internationally known psychologist who conducted the world’s first sleep-laboratory research into ‘lucid’ dreams (in which the dreamer becomes aware of being in a dream) for his PhD – completed in 1978 at Liverpool University. In the course of that research, he invented the ‘dream machine’. The original sleep-laboratory chart records, and the first dream machine, from his pioneering research are on permanent display at The Science Museum, in London. He is a therapist of renown, has introduced new techniques, and has published papers on his methods. His special method of transforming nightmares into lucid dreams is a very successful therapy, and his unique technique of hypno-oneirography (sequential tracing of dream images) has been shown in TV documentaries. He is on the Advisory Board of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. Dr Hearne has been an Inspector for the both the British Accreditation Council and the Open & Distance Learning Quality Council. Dr Hearne has also conducted and had published very many experiments in psychology and parapsychology – particularly in the fields of telepathy and premonitions. He ran BBC TV’s Premonitions Bureau, linked with the Out of this World series. Dr Hearne is frequently in the media, here and abroad – on TV, radio, in newspapers and many magazines. He has appeared on very many TV programmes, including GMTV, Richard and Judy (twice), This Morning, Newsnight, Heaven & Earth (BBC1) (three times), Open House (twice), many documentaries, and chat shows. In one TV programme he successfully treated a lorry driver who experienced an unreasonable reluctance to advance to driving a heavier vehicle. Hypnotic regression established the cause as a forgotten childhood trauma. He has been filmed for a Discovery Channel programme on sleep and dreams (in which he stopped a woman’s nightmares) and a 13-part series (bdp media productions) on the new alphabet-dream-code technique. He has appeared on the national This Morning programme, demonstrating past life regression. Dr Hearne had, for over a year, a regular column in The Express newspaper every Thursday with David Melbourne, on dream interpretation. A recent article of his, introducing his new concept of The Virtual Self, appeared in Positive Health. Dr Hearne is also a composer. Nick Rosen, writing in The Guardian national newspaper described Hearne’s Requiem as ‘hauntingly beautiful’. Other works include a guitar concerto, a musical, many songs, and a recently completed full-length ballet. Dr Hearne has authored or co-authored six books to date, with more being written.

    Professional experience

    Hypnotherapy Training lecturer

    London Hypnotherapy Training Classes

    December 1999 - Present

    head professor

    European College of Hypnotherapy