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Kellie-Bea Cooper

  • MA in Instructional Technology & Media
  • Online Media Manager
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Professional experience

Online Media Manager


Industry Ambassador & Academic Director (Department Chair)

Art Institute of California – Orange County

Production Coordinator

Baer Animation Company

Art/Animation Director

Jim Henson Interactive

Producer (Global production studio)

MAJOR DAMAGE - independent CGI short

Production Manager

Phil Roman Entertainment

Producer (Global Studio)

The Physics of Cartoons - independent short


The Webisode Academy (private computer animation school)

Creator/Administrative Supervisor

Women's Online Mentorhsip


Kellie-Bea Cooper's career spans the full range of visual effects, games, and animation productions covering releases in television, commercials, music videos, long format productions (feature film), as well as games for PCs and the internet. Kellie-Bea has produced animated shorts, games & television productions using virtual studio technologies with a combination of talent located around the world. Holding roles in both Creative Direction and Production Management disciplines, she has worked for companies such as Jim Henson Interactive, Warner Bros.TV Animation, Disney, the Baer Animation Company, and Phil Roman Entertainment. As a passionate mentor and team-builder, she was also the founder of the nationally recognized private school, The Webisode Academy. Plus she was the Academic Chair/Director of both the Game Art & Design department and the Media Arts & Animation department for the Art Institute in Orange Country, California. She is currently researching distance learning (e-Learning) technologies at Columbia University Teachers College through the department of Mathematics, Science and Technology. Her emphasis is Instructional Technology and Media.

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