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Ken Baxter Las Vegas

  • Founder
  • Made in America

    Professional experience


    Made in America

    January 2012 - Present


    K&L Baxter Family Foundation

    May 2005 - Present

    Founder and Broker Owner

    PMA Realty

    January 1973 - Present


    Veteran property broker Ken Baxter maintains a long history of revolutionizing and growing the real estate industry in Las Vegas, Nevada. He began his career in the early 1970s, with the foundation of Performance Marketing (now PMA Realty), a boutique asset manager with a focus on integrity, community, and family. In 1990, he moved the business to Las Vegas and began building a network of local real estate enterprises there. As founder and broker-owner of PMA Realty, he has led the sale of more than 56,000 new homes throughout Nevada and Utah. Today, Ken Baxter oversees a wide range of businesses, brands, and nonprofits. In addition to managing PMA Realty, he heads the newly formed Apollo Realty Investments through which he finances many exciting new projects including: EZ Properties, responsible for building Las Vegas communities one family at a time; Harmony Homes’ Tremezzo at Lake Las Vegas, a luxurious gated community on the North Shore of Lake Las Vegas; and Kingman Farms, providing Las Vegas with a new source of organic fruits and vegetables. Ken has also been responsible, along with his partner Joe Whatley, in building new construction through his own home building company, Liberty Homes. Additionally, he contributes to several nonprofits through the K&L Baxter Family Foundation, an organization dedicated to growing American industries and supporting environmentally friendly programs. Some of its affiliated charities include Made in America, which works to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States, and Green Global, which engages in climate change policy reform and programs dedicated to saving the Amazon rainforest. As the first ticketed passenger on Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Spaceship Two, he is expected to rocket into outer space in 2014. Ken Baxter Las Vegas is also a huge supporter of Sir Richard and his many charitable causes as they share a common goal; working toward lessening the impact of climate change on Planet Earth.