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Ken Kautz


      I'm just exiting the limitations of high school education and am looking to expand my horizons a bit. In high school, I began as Freshman Class Treasurer and ended up an apprentice sound technician. The sound tech also worked within our leadership class and recruited me after asking if I liked technology at all. I also took Spanish as an elective course, but dropped it when I found the curriculum at the new school I moved to was at a lot lower level and speed than that of my freshman year. At this new school, doors began to open because of my skill in sound. I was recruited by the choir director, also the head of performing arts, who enrolled me in his early-bird vocal jazz group. Leadership at my new school had a new teacher, so the class was slow to get started as the new, experienced, teach implemented much improved lesson plans. We were evaluated based on the amount of community service we performed as well as additional extra curricular activities, though weighted less than the community service. I became involved with Key Club and a local nonprofit group, managing to record over 300 hours for the first grading period. My teacher actually waived my obligation to submit hours for the rest of the year sometime in December because it was so time consuming to maintain and attain initials for that it was a hindering distraction to volunteering, at least my excessive ideals. My junior year, my social life flourished from my involvement in so many activities and because the performing arts, where I started to dedicate my time having dropped leadership for a choir class the second semester, was where the true leaders of the school called home. This year, I've been stuck taking all of the required courses I put off taking extra electives. Socially, I came out of the closet this fall and didn't have to really deal with anything other than my own anxiety based on what I've seen in the media. Other than all of the pleasantries, my years in high school were also plagued with random illness and injury. I contracted mono, herniated a disc in my lumbar spine, and had a kidney stone attack. My transcript is terrifying to look at because of it, at least to a perfectionist such as myself. I don't usually settle for less than an A, but I ended up with quite a few failing marks due to missed finals; my illnesses had exceptionally poor timing. I also have a dark side of my life, if you will, due to a nasty childhood and its emotional repercussions. Nothing horrible, I just had to move a couple times. Let's see, other than all of that, I forgot to mention my entrepreneurial ventures. I successfully planned and executed an LLC partnership with a family friend so I could offer computer repair services when I was 16. This partner was cosigning solely for financial means, but didn't quite fulfill the role and burdened me with all of the financial/administrative duties. Since the time it required began to compete with time I needed to dedicate towards school, I exercised my right as a minor to dis-affirm my contractual obligations. When neither of us filed to renew with the Secretary of State, the company fell to administrative dissolution. Needless to say, I also find interest in law, particularly written law; I recently elected to write an affidavit on my own behalf for a dispute my grandfather had with the IRS which successfully moved them to drop the case. Well, besides that I can't think of anything else I feel like adding here and don't feel like writing my autobiography just yet, or on here, so I'm going to stop now. Thanks for your interest! ...clicked save and it showed me the full result; with this tiny box, I didn't realize how much I wrote. Oh well. I don't quite care to revise it now...



      An Oregon Accredited High School

      September 2007 - June 2011(4 years)