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Kenneth Pfaff

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  • National Library System of SEG Member Schools
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Research interests

Massage & Bodywork


To know about me as a Change Agent, look to my work in designing and implementing a full academic library experience for students at a small vocational school in Seattle. The National Library System of SEG Member Schools is a personally designed and implemented project to serve full library services to thirty-two branch libraries in fourteen U.S. states that are part of the Steiner Education Group series of schools. SEG schools train professional Massage Therapists and Estheticians in the United States. SEG's comprehensive curriculum, inspired by tradition and guided by current research and practice, delivers an exceptional foundation for a successful, long-term careers as Massage Therapists or Estheticians. The Library's mission is to innovate practical health and wellness education so that the schools may provide it; the schools that the Library is building. Full library services are available to all students of any SEG school, all graduates past or present, all employers of graduates and the employees of those employers. Other services are available to members of the National Library of Medicine. In fall 2012, the Head Librarian served research needs for a Working Group answering the call for evidence of Massage Therapy efficacy (to a variety of healthcare categories for the upcoming Affordable Care Act implementation). The Head Librarian is a co-author of the finalized document of 600 unique citations (995 total citations). The Cost-Benefit of that finalized document shows that for every dollar spent by the Library to the project, $24.22 in benefits were achieved for any single therapist. However, extrapolating - any single therapist saved $21,000 in trying to do the project themselves. In February 2013, the Head Librarian was ranked in the top 1% of 200,000 LinkedIn members for library research endorsements. In September 2013, the number of branches of this national library system expanded to thirty-two. In January 2014, the library system was voted #1 Internet Bandwidth Hog by IT for 2014! The #1 app students were using taking up so much bandwidth? The Library's Toolbar. Students using libraries rock!


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  • Evidenced-Informed Massage Therapy: The Research Supporting Massage Therapy is an Integral Component in the Affordable Care Act’s Essential Health Benefits

    • Project funded by American Massage Therapy Association-WA
    • Project Authors: Marissa Brooks, MPH L
    • Michael Hamm, Lmp C
    • et al.

Professional experience

Head Librarian

National Library System of SEG Member Schools

August 2006 - Present