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Kent Crozier

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  • University of Manitoba
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University of Manitoba

September 2006 - Present


I became interested in geology at a very young age while growing up on a hobby farm in southwestern Manitoba. A creek on the property cuts ~20 m through a succession of 80 Ma Cretaceous shales featuring numerous fossils from the interior sea: clams (inoceramid), shark teeth, fish skeletons (xiphactinus), and plesiosaurs. Many hours were spent fossil hunting as a child. As an adult I retain a hobbyist's fascination with paleontology, but focus my attention on the mineral potential of Precambrian terranes in Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec (predominantly gold, but also nickel) working as a student in exploration. Upon graduation in 2011, I plan to either enter industry full-time, or pursue an M.Sc. in structural geology.

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