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Kevin Johnson

  • Wright Graduate University


    Co-Founder & Exec. Director of MarketPlace Learning Community, Author & YouGasm™ Coach & Executive Strategist. Play Big. Live Out Loud. Kevin A. Johnson is the CEO and Chief Strategist at DreamEvolve providing insight and strategies for organizational, professional and personal development. Since 1992, Kevin has been a trusted adviser and executive coach to hundreds of leaders around the world—touching large firms and government agencies as well as the independent professional, small business, and non-profit organizations. With his strong intuitive gift, and an unconventional creativity and a harmonic approach to life and business, he has inspired countless individuals to dream big–and live their dreams. In 2009, Kevin joined forces with Marquese Martin-Hayes and Aaron Towns to launch an experience known as The MarketPlace...a space designed to ignite the human spirit through collaborative conversation and a rich exchange of value. This idea has multiplied in Chicagoland across the waters to Beijing, China and groups are forming in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, and many other cities where people are discovering their own value in the context of community. Visit our Facebook group "The MarketPlace..the Art of Connection" or hit our website at for more information on how to bring this conversation to your city. No more playing small.


    Wright Graduate Institute for the Realization of Human Potential