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Kevin Nguyen


      A Poem for my Beloved Applesauce, Applesauce, Oh how I love thee, Applesauce. Sliced and diced, smashed and mashed, A sprinkle of cinnamon, or swirls of sugar, ahhhh tis perfection! Sweet and soft, squishy and squashy. In a wee container thee is packaged, a twinkling of heaven for the tongue. Flip a foiled lid, uncover a royal treat, oh joy be sung. My, My, My, a dollop of chastened cream to cause delight. So light, so mild, yet, restrained by a great viscosity. In my dreams, endless waterfalls of thee, Lest they be reality. Oh what joy that would bring to me. Yet a plastic spoon had ripped thee from me. But I’ll always know you are inside of me Oh how I love thee, applesauce. The End I Like to untie knots.