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Kevin Somany


      Who am I? I’m extremely artsy and cosmopolitan, I play piano and guitar, go to tons of museums, travel the world, learn several languages and try to know about everything that the world has to offer. If that last line has you rolling your eyes, don’t worry. I also live on the fast lane, I don't take shit from anyone, and am mainly an asshole, but you know... the fun type that is impossible to dislike. If life was a movie I’d be a villain. The villain you’d take side with… (like the Lannisters) I’m the guy who is perfectly comfortable making the first move; whether it be a romantic kiss on the doorstep or throwing you up against a wall and making out with you passionately... in the rain. I travel all over the world for ‘work’, so I’m out of town a lot... but I also take my friends along sometimes to keep me company. Most of my friends are artists in their own discipline, so having an interest in the arts is pretty important. (Especially the art of cooking) I’m pretty mature for my age and am often labeled as “Wise beyond my years.” If we hang out there would never be an “awkward silence” don’t worry, if you’re nervous I will just tease you. I have two fully armored turtles named Aquachar and Maneki. They love women and often bite them... just like me. I’m not looking for the trophy girlfriend, I’m much more interested in personality. You don’t have to be a Victoria Secret model for me to talk to you, but if you are... please prove me that you have more than meets the eye by telling me an awesome joke. :D Hmmm what else... I’m from Brussels, the melting pot of Europe and I love it. One day I’ll buy a house on the moon and would watch the stars in my lunar garden. I’m not taking this too seriously. I don’t play mind games, nor do I placate low self-esteem. Until you impress me I will probably treat you like my bratty little sister. P.S. If I send you a strange message then I’m probably just bored and messing around with you. But also maybe I’m interested, it depends on how funny your reply is.