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Kirt Wilson


      I am spouse to Janice and father to Cameron (12) and Nolan (8). Born on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, I moved to the state of Michigan at the age of eight. I spent my later childhood and adolescence in Grand Rapids, MI. I've attended three Universities--Cedarville University in Ohio, Purdue University in Indiana, and Northwestern University in Illinois. I hold graduate degrees from Purdue (MA) and Northwestern (Ph.D.) in Political Communication and Rhetoric. Although I am familiar with both critical social theory and classical theories of rhetoric, I am first and foremost a critic and historian. I work as a professor at Penn State where I teach classes in Argumentation, History of US Public / Political Discourse, Rhetorical Criticism, Collective Memory Theory, Textual Analysis, and Political Oratory. Prior to my appointment at Penn State, I taught and researched at the University of Minnesota (1996-2010). My published research focuses on the Reconstruction and post-reconstruction periods, presidential rhetoric, and the modern civil rights movement. A google search of "Kirt H. Wilson" will result in various hits, including links to books, articles, radio interviews, vitae, and public lectures. While some of these will be current, others will be old and shouldn't be trusted. After all, the 'net never forgets, and the more digital traces you leave, the more likely an image from ten years ago remains to haunt you. Of course, as I age I rather like those older pictures.