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Kris Ryan


      I am a spiritual person, blessed beyond belief, and I am deeply grateful... When I love, I love deeply and loyally, and I am by your side always. I have four sisters and two brothers. We grew up in Hawaii and California. My mother passed away in 2002 and my father in 2006. I miss them very much... I adore the ocean, it makes me feel closer to God than anything else on this planet. I am understanding and try not to be judgmental; I believe there is a reason for everything and that we are all here to learn, so I tend to be thoughtful and curious rather than reactive. I believe my daughter Shauna is an angel here on earth. She is the finest person I know. I embrace all cultures, respect all religions, and I believe we all have the right to have opinions and to be free in mind, body and spirit. I do not tolerate cruelty, domestic violence, animal or child abuse, gay bashing, 'honour' killings, or violence in the name of God. I value compassion, trust, honesty, hope, love, curiosity, secrets my friends tell me, courage, emotional and intellectual intelligence, a great sense of humor, sincerity, and those who allow me the same level of dignity that I gladly give them. I believe that communication is the only thing that will save us all. I screw up often enough to feel my humanness, but I am forgiving. I laugh at myself and don't take myself too seriously, lest I become old and unteachable. I thank God in good times, I ask for God to help me in bad times, and find that everything happens for a reason, elusive though that reason may be. I don't want to know everything, or have the answer for everything, I just want to be happy...