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Kristian Pedersen


      Most of my research is currently focused on the Scottish Borders, the Lothians and Northumberland. I am still active in studying the Great Lakes littoral with partners in Michigan, and continue to maintain an avid interest in the Late Palaeolithic and Mesolithic of the North Sea region. More recently, I have begun to explicitly study wetlands and riparian systems in the region between the Firth of Forth and the River Tyne. My projects are the following: the Bradford Kaims, where we have a late Mesolithic industrial site; the Paxton Before the House Project, which has afforded cist burials and two large Mesolithic sites along with the Early Medieval remains of the church at Fishwick; the Mesolithic of the Tweed catchment with a present emphasis on studying the small wetlands around the Whitrig Bog near Old Melrose. A project that I wish to re-visit sometime is that addressed to the origins of the fishing industry on the Northumberland coast. Much to my surprise, I have begun also to re-visit the Viking Age since I have been asked to lecture on this period. I cannot honestly state that I am an authority on the extraordinarily large a diverse corpus of evidence for the Scandinavian occupation of the British Isles and the North Atlantic, but I am becoming much more keen on looking at some of the data.