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Kyle Pate

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Kyle Pate is studying Economics with an emphasis in Public Policy at Southern Oregon University, and is scheduled to graduate in spring 2012. Kyle has used his electives to explore and strengthen his understanding of human behavior and our relationship with the environment. An extracurricular course on disaster relief in Chile and Haiti introduced Kyle the work of Herman Daly. He was immediately moved, and chose to focus his studies on ecosystem valuation and ecological economics. Driven by towards crafting policy, Kyle is pursuing a minor in land use planning to compliment his economic background. Kyle has been honored to participate in one-on-one research outside the classroom with Dr. Dan Rubenson. After proving his dedication in Macroeconomic Forecasting, Dr. Rubenson invited Kyle join him in investigating what potential effects establishing a national monument on the Siskiyou crest may have on local economies. They continue to work together on other regional issues relating to environmental economics. After solidifying his expertise on the valuation of ecosystem goods and services in graduate school, Kyle intends to work in public sector on planning and policy issues or with international organizations like the World Resource Institute. Either option will provide him with ample opportunity to apply the principles of ecological economics that have been his passion to research. Mentors: Dr. Dan Rubenson, Professor Economics. Dr. John Gutrich, Associate Professor of Environmental Science.

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