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  • Portuguese Catholic University Faculty of Theology Braga
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Research interests

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EDUCATION, TRAINING, INSTITUTIONS, DATES - Degree in Theology, Faculdade de Teologia da Universidade Católica, Braga (2000) - Canonical Degree and Master in Theology, catechetical speciality, Facultad de Teología San Dámaso, Madrid (2003). (Thesis public presentation: To train catechists, witnesses of the faith) - Doctor Course in Catechetical Theology. Facultad de Teología San Dámaso, Madrid (2005-2007). - Certificate of Professional Trainer, IEFP, March 2006 - Pastoral Health Care Course, San Camilo Center / Universitat Ramon Lull (Madrid), 2008. MOST SIGNIFICANT CAREER PATH, DATES - Parish Administrator of S. Jorge de Airo, Barcelos (1999-2003) - Parish Administrator of Sta Maria de Moure, Barcelos (1999-2003) - Parish Administrator of Santiago de Sequiade, Barcelos (1999-2003) - Pastoral Care for Youth Department Assistant (2003-2005) - Chancellor of Curia Arquiepiscopal de Braga (since 2003) - Catechesis Department Coordinator (since 2003) - Casa de Saúde do Bom Jesus, Braga Chaplain (since 2003) - Catechetical Professor in Seminário Conciliar de Braga (since 2003) - Theological-Pastoral Course Professor, Faculdade de Teologia da Universidade Católica, Braga, (since 2005) - PERCURSOS Project Trainer, the typology and intervention 6.2 (Status of Persons with Disabilities and Disability) - Committee for Education Christian Chairman (since 2005) WORK EXPERIENCE As Chancellor of Braga Archdiocese, I’m responsible for preparing and supervising administrative procedures, the elaboration and registration of notarial acts; for the work flows development regarding the institution goals; general secretary; for implementation and monitoring the attainment of institutional organizational goals towards the 1,500 legal entities which the Braga Archdiocese is responsible for; provide comprehensive visibility of the purposes that the institution continues. Conception of the site (front office and back office) with functionalities regarding management processes, as well as with Cúria Arquidiocesana information and organization, including the concepts of e-work and asynchronous work (since 2005); the site (front office and back office) with functionalities allowing the virtual environment in most of Archdiocesan Department of Catechesis processes, in particular in management training (since 2006). - As Catechetical Theology professor I reorganized and structured the catechetical training in the Seminário Conciliar de S. Pedro and S. Paulo, Braga, (since 2003); - As coordinator of the Catechism in the Braga Archdiocese, I elaborate and coordinate the catechists training (since 2003); - Coordination and drafting of several chapters of the book Catechists, XXI Century (two editions) (2005-2006) - General Directorate for Educational Catechism Course (since 2003) - As the National Secretariat of Christian Education Assistant, the Portuguese Episcopal Conference, I coordinated the review of catechetical materials of adolescence (13, 12, 15 and 16 years) (2004-2007); - Directorate of Educational Training of Pastoral Agents of the Braga Archdiocese (since 2006) - Design and development strategies to implement the Educational Strategic Plan for more than 8,500 catechists of Braga Archdiocese. - Elaboration and validation of Analysis Grid of the Spiritual Needs of people with mental disability.


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Professional experience


Portuguese Catholic University Faculty of Theology Braga

October 2011 - Present



Universidade Católica Portuguesa

April 2011 - January 2016(5 years)

Mestrado em Pedagogia do E-LEarning

Universidade Aberta Lisboa - Open University of Lisboa

March 2009 - June 2014(5 years)


Facultad de Teología «Sán Dámaso»

September 2001 - June 2003(2 years)


Faculdade de Taologia - UCP

September 1993 - June 2000(7 years)