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Labanos Zetro Silaban

  • Bechelor Degree of Forestry


    I’m Zetro A.M. Silaban , born in Sigalingging , North Tapanuli , on December 13, 1988 . I was the youngest of four brothers . I graduated elementary school in elementary school 2 Siborongborong 2001 and Junior High School in the Junior High School 2 Siborongborong in 2004 . High School education completed at SMA PGRI 20 Siborongborong in 2007 . In 2007-2009 I had attended lectures at the University of North Sumatra Sisingamangaraja to XII and in 2009 graduated selection into the University of Bengkulu Selesksi through the National Entrance State University ( SNMPTN ) Forest Cultivation Program Department of Forestry University of Bengkulu . During the lecture I had been a lab assistant ; Forest Soil Science , Forest Pests , Research Methodology , Structure and Properties of Wood, Forest Inventory , Plant Morphology and Computer Applications . I am studied Forestry at the University of Bengkulu and finish my Bachelor 's degree ( four years) at the Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Forestry in 2013 . Research about The Species Diversity and Utilization of Bamboo in Some Villages in Central Bengkulu Bengkulu province . I 've taught agricultural science as a junior high school teachers and students face . I 've become an ambassador of friendship HIV / AIDS in the province of Bengkulu in 2012 .

    Professional experience

    Teaching Asisstent

    Deparment Of Forestry Universiti of Bengkulu

    September 2010 - July 2014(4 years)

    Teaching Assistent

    Deparment of Foestry University Of Bengkulu

    September 2010 - July 2014(4 years)


    Indonesian Christian Student Movement Bengkulu

    October 2009 - December 2013(4 years)


    Master Degree

    國立中興大學National Chung Hsing University

    September 2014 - November 2014(2 months)


    University of Bengkulu

    September 2009 - October 2013(4 years)