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    Hospital Authority


    A place where you witness the birth of a lot of lives, yet also the death of a few. That's why the people within need to be competent, at the same time, they know how to balance themselves. 昨晚值亱班時,好平靜的產房,只得一个OPcase,坐下來了,突然感到自己一直以來都在一个現實中建立緊夢想,夢想不難成,真夠自得其樂。記得一晚,不停的在家很忘我地把弄美術軟件嘅七彩着色同加光功能,竟給我帶來一個綠得精彩嘅小島旅行美夢,醒來還珍惜夢裡面嘅色彩,要發美夢,又多了個選擇。 Dreams drive me to survive!! 3-11-2009