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Llewellyn Connolly


      The recipient of a master of business administration from Harvard Business School, Llewellyn Connolly has worked in the finance sector for 25 years. Upon completion of his undergraduate studies in applied physics and engineering at Harvard University, Llewellyn Connolly became an associate in fixed income financial strategies with Goldman Sachs Company in New York City, where he altered the Black-Derman-Toy model to reflect fixed income securities. After taking a sabbatical to earn his master’s degree, Connolly returned to Goldman Sachs as an associate and equity derivative book runner for Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. Over the course of a decade with the firm, he served as an executive director, a managing director, and the head of European derivative trading. Based out of London, England, he oversaw 100 traders, quants, and market makers. Following his tenure at Goldman Sachs, Llewellyn Connolly moved back to New York City, where he joined Lehman Brothers as a managing director and co-head of U.S. equity derivative sales and trading. In this role, he handled flow trading, volatility arbitrage, and statistical making. Subsequently, Connolly founded Capital Management Advisors - Equity. This unit of Swiss Re served as a multi-strategy hedge fund and derivative boutique that benefited from the resources of its parent corporation in finding and monetizing undervalued securities options. Most recently, Connolly created Euamaeus Asset Management, an equity relative value and arbitrage fund, which he led for two years.

      Professional experience

      Managing Partner

      Swiss Re

      May 2005 - December 2010(6 years)

      Managing Director

      Lehman Brothers

      May 2003 - May 2005(2 years)



      Harvard Business School

      September 1991 - June 1993(2 years)


      Harvard University

      September 1984 - June 1988(4 years)