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Louise Crabtree

  • Research Fellow
  • University of Western Sydney
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Research interests

complex adaptive systems.adaptive capacityadaptive comanagementresiliencecohousingcommunity land trustsurban food systemscommonssharingradical democracyhousing affordabilitySustainability


I am an urban geographer/ecologist specialising in urban sustainability and housing affordability. My research focuses on the social, ecological and economic sustainability of community-driven housing developments in urban Australia, on the uptake of housing innovation in practice and policy and on the interfaces between sustainability, property rights and democracy. Current research focuses on complex adaptive systems theory in housing; innovation in housing design, governance and tenure; and, models of perpetually affordable housing including community land trusts. In 2009 I was awarded the Housing Minister's Award for Early Career Researchers for my work on socioecological systems theory in housing.


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Professional experience

Research Fellow

University of Western Sydney

January 2007 - Present


B Sc (Hons), PhD

Macquarie University