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Ludwig Jaskolla

  • M.A.
  • Scientific Assistant
  • munich school of philosophy
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Professional experience

Scientific Assistant

munich school of philosophy

October 2009 - Present



munich school of philosophy

August 2009 - Present


I am a philosopher from Munich. My philosophical background can be described as follows: Based on an classical continental background, I am doing philosophy (and especially metaphysics) from an overall (modern) analytic perspective: In my opinion, `good metaphysics' puts forth theoretical explanations that (i) suffice by the the standards of modern logic, (ii) are coherent with the framework of other human theories about reality and (iii) are able to adequately map our most basic (iii-a) everyday-intuitions as well as (iii-b) our scientific intuitions about the nature of reality. I consider the results of many metaphysical debates of utmost importance for particular branches of philosophy (like ethics), the sciences and everyday life.. Nevertheless, I believe that human theories are only able to approximate reality asymptotically. Systematic focus: Analytic Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Religion. Historical focus: Whitehead, German Idealism, Leibniz and Thomism

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