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Lutfi Ghazali


      I'm someone rational and logical. A person who adheres to rules and regulations, conventions and traditions. I'm quite high-tech, off-the-wall and creative. I feel best doing new and different things most of the time and i get bored with regularity. I like to come up with bright new ideas about tasks i'm given. My personality has elasticity, because i'm able to roll with the punches and adapt to whatever life brings. I have a high opinion of myself, and usually want others to think highly of me too. I'm someone who likes attention, but not to be the centre of it. I'm well-balanced not to let praises get to my head. I take responsibility for my actions and choices i make. I admit making several mistakes in my life but i never regret making them. I cannot tolerate things i deem unjust, either towards myself or others. I'm not particularly systematic or dependable as i have trouble in time management. At times i can be overly critical and austere, but i like to be moderate in everything i do. I'm understanding and considerate and I'll cheer friends up and help them out when they need it. I aspire to be a good Muslim, someone respected, noble and scholarly.