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Maicon Falavigna

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2011 resolutions: 1) Be more sociable... so, I'm in Facebook now. 2) Be close to old friends 3) Spend more time with my family 4) Work less (don't tell my boss, please) 5) Practice more exercises 6) Travel a lot 7) Be more organized (I already bought a scheadule) 8) Eat less junk food 9) Read more (not just technical stuff) 10) Go more to the cinema and watch some oldies at home. 11) Think about having a dog 12) Don't forget to give water to the plants 13) Try paraglider or parachuting (I hope will be possible continue with my resolutions after that) 14) Avoid to fall in love 15) Give Dilma a chance (indeed, I have no option)

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UFRGS - Department of Epidemiology

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