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manurachna pathmanathan

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    I worked on wound healing activity for diabetic. In comparison with the precedent studies, the cure that i manage to find was effective. Albino male rats were my samples and I have wide interest in collaborating towards human diseases and finding cure for it. As other scientists around the world, there a abundant of idea flowing to my mind but materials and needed machinery are at times not in the reach of my hand. After that, i worked on AML for leukaemia in conjunction towards gene-silencing in where I increased my knowledge about cell culture and the growth of the cell and many more through experiences. Then, now currently I have expanded my interest towards environmental science in where I'm conduction water research. It is a wide scope as to be ventured into so I feel glad and thanking God every moments to give me all these opportunities. I would like to exchange information and discuss so that we can contribute ideas to solve some unsolved issues. Together we can unlock many things as I believe in. Thanks in advance. Dont hesitate to add me and follow me..


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