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Mao Ngeav

  • Pharmacist
  • Access to Medical Services
  • MoPoTsyo Patient Information Centre


    I was born in deep poverty in Kampot province, raised by a single mother (abandoned by the father). After I had obtained a B degree for my Baccalaureate there, I had to move to Phnom Penh city for continue my Bachelor degree. At those time I have supported by my sponsor to obtain my Bsc in Pharmacy. After that, I have been starting work with MoPoTsyo in 2005, first for one year as unpaid volunteer, and later as salaried staff in positions of accounting, and later on, when MoPoTsyo started the Revolving Drug Fund, I was of course the person to set it up. I have set up successfully the Revolving Drug Fund, which keeps 17 private pharmacies adequately supplied so our members can purchase their prescription medicines. At the moment, I am studying general English at ACE in level 11A which sponsor by IDP, thanks to a sponsor. I wrote an abstract for the ICIUM 2011 conference (WHO) on Essential Drugs in Alatya, Turkey, which was accepted and I will travel there in middle of November. At the moment I am completing the data and analysis for that abstract. I hope that by this abstract I would increase my chances to be more successful in the research field. I would like to apply for a scholarship to study for my Master degree in Australia, sometime in the future. I welcome any advice and would like to keep in touch with all researchers, policy makers, and stakeholders here, And Finally I hope that you all will spend you valuable time to help me to improve my situation. Thanks so much and best reagards,

    Professional experience

    Access to Medical Services

    MoPoTsyo Patient Information Centre

    May 2006 - Present


    Bachelor Degree of Pharmacy

    International University

    October 2005 - July 2011(6 years)