marc snyder Ph.D., Stanford.

Carnegie Mellon Univ.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
French Literature, Language, Arabic, Humanities, Western Civilization, History, Language Acquisition
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I have a double Masters & a Ph.D from Stanford U. in French & Western Civilization (XXth century French literature, criticism; Western literature, philosophy from Homer to Heidegger) - where I worked with many prominent people in the field: René Girard (my dissertation advisor) Michel Serres, Henri Godard, Alphonse Juilland, as well as textbook authors Ralph Hester and John Barson. I have taught at Stanford University, Iowa State, Middlebury College, Carnegie Mellon, and Duquesne University.

In Paris, I went to l'École Alsacienne (1964-68), and worked as an unpaid librarian (in exchange for access to the archives) for a private collection of Gallimard press (1985-86) at the university for Paris VII.

In addition to teaching university French in the Pittsburgh area, I am a technical writer and web developer.

À très bientôt,

Marc Snyder, Ph.D.
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Education history

Carnegie Mellon Univ.

Technical Writing, Eng dept

August 1997 - August 1999 (2 years)

Stanford University, French Department


June 1980 - June 1987 (7 years)

University of Illinois


May 1978 - May 1980 (2 years)