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Maria Pangan


      I can think of nothing less pleasurable than a life devoted to pleasure.:) i really don't go along with people so well.. i made my own circle of friends and i don't wanna go out of my comfort zone, but that doesn't stop me from meeting new people, that's why i have facebook. to keep the bond and be on the run. i love everything about me, there's nothing to feel sorry for, contented maybe.. i love GOD i love my family i love my friends.. i'm not affected with what people might say about me. in the first place i was never born to please anyone. i live by the rules but with limitations and exceptions. Stubborn and hard-hearted Strong-willed and highly motivated Sharp thoughts Easily angered Attracts others and loves attention Deep feelings Beautiful physically and mentally Firm Standpoint Needs no motivation Easily consoled Systematic (left brain) Loves to dream Strong clairvoyance Understanding Sickness usually in the ear and neck Good imagination Good physical Weak breathing Loves literature and the arts Loves traveling Dislike being at home Restless Not having many children Hardworking High spirited Spendthrift (m@l@ntong)