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Marie Ruel, Ph.D. International Nutrition's Publications

Director, Poverty, Health, and Nutrition Division, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Research field: Medicine - Nutrition and Metabolism
No research interests added yet.

Book Section

M. T. Ruel, Jody Harris, Kenda Cunningham (2013) Diet Quality in Developing Countries. Chapter 18, 239-261. In Diet Quality: An Evidence-Based Approach..
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M. Arimond, C. Hawkes, M. T. Ruel, Z. Zifri, P. Berti, J. Leroy, J. W. Low, L. Brown, E. Frongillo (2011) Agricultural interventions and nutrition outcomes: Lessons from the past and new evidence, 41-75. In Combating Micronutrient Deficiencies: Food-based Approaches.
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C. Hawkes, M. T. Ruel (2009) The links between agriculture and health: An intersectoral opportunity to improve the health and livelihoods of the poor, 111-122. In Science, technology and innovation for public health in Africa.
M. T. Ruel, J. L. Garrett, L. Haddad (2008) Rapid urbanization and the challenges of obtaining food and nutrition security, 639-656. In Nutrition and health in developing countries.
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M.T. Ruel (2006) Monitoring and evaluation. In Guidelines for fortification with micronutrients.
J. Rivera, K. H. Brown, M. Ruel (2003) Zinc deficiency: Issues for public health, assessment and prevention, 59-61. In Modern aspects of nutrition: Present knowledge and future perspectives.
M. T. Ruel, C. Levin (2002) Food-based approaches for alleviating micronutrient malnutrition: An overview, 31-53. In Food systems for improved human nutrition: Linking agriculture, nutrition and productivity.
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M. T. Ruel, L. Haddad, J. L. Garrett (2001) Rapid urbanization and the challenges of obtaining food and nutrition security, 465-482. In Nutrition and health in developing countries.
M. T. Ruel, S. S. Morris, S. Barquera-Cervera (1997) Trends in stunting: Is age an issue?, 96-102. In Third report on the world nutrition situation.
M.T. Ruel (1994) La importancia de la escolaridad materna en la salud, el crecimiento y la sobrevivencia del niño, 53-57. In Documentos Técnicos Edición XLV Aniversario.