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Mark Fairbrother

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    I'm shortish, with big blue Elijah Wood eyes (k not really, but my eyes are blue and everyone calls me frodo - something to do with the height I think? -). I can be very shy at times and loud (go figure). I have a trademark Cindy Crawford/ Enrique Eglasias (spelling?) mole (but its actually a freckle) on my right cheek and the infamous, "cow curl" or "surfer's wave" in the middle of my hairline; I blame family genes. But P.S thanks dad for letting me be born at surfers mecca J-Bay I am crazily passionate about music and songwriting on my Cort Z42/GT8 combo! Writing music is the most peaceful and pleasing release of emotion. My loves are [in no particular order]: Surfing, rugby [go stormers], squash, soccer (or football if its a touchy subject), snowboarding, guitar, music (ROCK), my Corsa C!!, beer, Southern Comfort, partying, cheese and honey sandwiches, mom's cheesecake, braaing, God, touchies on the beach, sleeping, making friends, roast leg of lamb and chips, pool (try take me on...), Christmas, Squash, Tennis, omlettes, making people laugh, coke, friends, girlfriend and family. I'm always keen to meet new people (and old, if i've forgotten who you are). And finally, what you have probably gathered from reading this, is that I R sh*t at english and languages! More specifically I'm studying a Master of Science in Financial Mathematics and I have a degree in Actuarial Science! You also have to check out this kickass band:

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