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Marko Sabovljevic profile photo

Marko Sabovljevic's Publications

Assoc. Prof., Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade
Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

Research field: Biological Sciences - Plant Sciences
Bryophyte Biology
Book Section (3) | Conference Proceedings (1) | Journal Article (107)

Journal Article

M. Sabovljevic, A. Alegro, A. Sabovljevic, J. Marka, M. Vujicic (2011) An insight into diversity of the Balkan Peninsula bryophyte flora in the European background., 399-413. In Revue d'Ecologie (Terre et Vie) 66 (4).
B. Pejin, Lj. Vujisic, M. Sabovljevic, V. Tesevic, V. Vajs (2011) An Insight into Fatty Acid Composition of Calliergonella cuspidata, 5161-5162. In Asian Journal of Chemistry 23 (11).
M. Bogdanovic, M. Ilic, S. Zivkovic, A. Sabovljevic, D. Grubisic, M. Sabovljevic (2011) Comparative study on the effects of NaCl on selected moss and fern representatives, 734-740. In Australian Journal of Botany 59 (8).
Rowntree JK, Pressel S, Ramsay MM, Sabovljevic A, Sabovljevic M. (2011) In vitro conservation of European bryophytes. , 55-64. In In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology – Plant 47 (1).
Pejin B, Vujisic Lj, Sabovljevic A, Sabovljevic M, Tesevic V, Vajs V. (2011) An insight into fatty acid chemistry of Rhytididelphus squarrosus (Hedw.) Warnst. , 99-101. In Botanica Serbica 35 (2).
Sabovljevic A, Sokovic M, Glamoclija J, Ciric A, Vujicic M, Pejin B, Sabovljevic M. (2011) Bio-activities of extracts from some axenically farmed and naturally grown bryophytes , 565-571. In Journal of Medicinal Plants Research 5 (4).
B. Pejin, Lj Vujisic, A. Sabovljevic, M. Sabovljevic, V Tesevic, V. Vajs (2011) Fatty acids of some moss species from Germany. , 5187-5188. In Asian Journal of Chemistry 23 (11).
Sabovljevic M, Cvetkovic J, Zivkovic S, Vujicic M, Sabovljevic A. (2011) Genetic structure of the rare moss species Rhodobryum ontariense in Vojvodina (Serbia) as inferred by isozymes. , 151-155. In Archives of Biological Sciences 63 (1).
Marka J, Sabovljevic M. (2011) New bryophyte records from Albania., 74-76. In Journal of Bryology 33 (1).
Ellis TL, Bednarek-Ochyra H, Ochyra R, Calvo Aranda S, Colotti MT, Schiavone MM, Dulin MV, Erzberger P, Ezer R, Gabriel R, Hedenas L, Holyoak DT, Odor P, Papp B, Sabovljevic M, Seppelt RD, Smith VR, Sotiaux A, Szurdoki E, Vanderpoorten A, van Rooy J, Zarnowiec J (2011) New national and regional bryophyte records 26. , 66-73. In Journal of Bryology 31 (1).
Ellis LT, Asthana AK, Sahu V, Bansal P, Nath V, Erzberger P, Hallingback T, Infante M, Lazarevic P, Luis L, Medina R, Ochyra R, Pande N, Papp B, Plasek V, Sabovljevic M, Sawicki J, Sim-Sim M, Stebel A, Suarez GM, van Rooy J, Phephu N. (2011) New national and regional bryophyte records, 27., 158-162. In Journal of Bryology 33 (2).
Pejin B, Vujisic L, Sabovljevic M, Tesevic V, Vajs V. (2011) Preliminary data on essential oil composition of the moss Rhodobryum ontariense (Kindb.) Kindb. , 113-117. In Cryptogamie, Bryologie 32 (2).
B. Pejin, L. Vujisic, M. Sabovljevic, A. Sabovljevic, V. Tesevic, V. Vajs (2010) An insight into chemistry of Kindbergia praelonga and Kindbergia stokesii (Brachytheciaceae) , 1637–1640. In Journal of Serbian Chemical Society 75 (12).
M. Vujicic, A. Sabovljevic, M. Sabovljevic (2009) Axenically culturing the bryophytes: a case study of the moss Dicranum scoparium Hedw. (Dicranaceae, Bryophyta), 137-140. In Botanica Serbica 33 (2).
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M. Sabovljevic, A. Sabovljevic (2009) Biodiversity within urban areas: A case study on bryophytes of the city of Cologne (NRW, Germany), 473-481. In Plant Biosystems 143 (3).
M. Sabovljevic, S. Grdovic (2009) Bryophyte Diversity Within Urban Areas: Case Study of the City of Belgrade (Serbia)., 85-92. In International Journal of Botany 5 (1).
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Z. Jakovljev, M. Sabovljevic, H. Zechmeister (2009) Contribution to the bryophyte flora of Donau-Auen National Park (Austria)., in press. In Folia Cryptogamica Estonica.
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M. Sabovljevic, V. Vukojevic, A. Sabovljevic, M. Vujicic (2009) Deposition of heavy metals (Pb, Sr and Zn) in the county of Obrenovac (Serbia) using mosses as bioindicators, 147-155. In Journal of Ecology and the Natural Environment 1 (6).
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