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Markus Stoffel

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. hc.
  • Full Professor
  • Université de Genève
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In a nutshell, my research is related to climate change impacts, time-series and dynamics of hydrogeomorphic and earth-surface processes at altitude and/or high latitudes, as well as on dendroecology and wood anatomy of trees and shrubs. More particularly, I have been working over the past few years on the impacts of climatic changes on periglacial mass movements, the effects of volcanic eruptions on climate (temperature, precipitation), peatland evolution over the Holocene and its link to hydroclimatic changes, the effects of climate and global changes on biodiversity, biomass or sequestered carbon in the Himalayas, Myanmar and the Andes, or on causes and effects of erosion in badlands or along the Mediterranean coast. As such, the work of the C-CIA team has contributed to the understanding of the large set of impacts of environmental and/or climatic changes on humans and societies.




2016 - Present

Recent publications

  • Age-dependent sensitivity of trees disturbed by debris flows – Implications for dendrogeomorphic reconstructions

    • Tichavský R
    • Šilhán K
    • Stoffel M
  • Mass movements in periglacial environments

    • Stoffel M
    • Huggel C
    • Richardson D
    • et al.

Professional experience

Full Professor

Université de Genève

August 2017 - Present


Institute for Geological Sciences

Universität Bern

January 2009 - Present

Institute of Environemntal Sciences

Universite de Geneve

October 2006 - Present


Université de Fribourg

June 2000 - July 2005(5 years)


Université de Fribourg

November 1994 - March 1999(4 years)

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