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Widows Forty Something and Under

February 2000 - Present


Kennesaw State University

May 2008 - Present

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I am currently a 48 year young psychology major, the oldest in the majority of my classes--which includes most of my professors. I have two grown sons and was one of five children, and am from Youngstown, Ohio. My own life experience has given me a passion-driven goal to support and guide others through the path of grieving. In 2004 I decided to relocate to the Atlanta area for health reasons and to attend school to begin working to achieve a Bachelors, a Masters, and finally a PhD in Psychology...I have a long way to go but it is all "doable"! Grieving and bereavement became part of my life at age 6. In our family, death was not talked about, explained or permissable to grieve. We were taught to cry at a birth and rejoyce at a death instead. I spent many years learning how to grieve and that it's ok to be sad. Children need the benefit of these services that teach them how to deal with a parent's or grandparent's death...anybody's death for that matter. I have expereinced the loss of most of my family, several friends, grandparents, a 17 year young neice, a brother, and perhaps the hardest to deal with, my husband of nineteen months who was just 44 years old. Twenty-four days after becoming widow, the loneliness was too much to deal with alone; there was so much to do and to learn about this new and unwanted life. A Yahoo Health group was formed in order to get answers to questions and to help deal with this sudden loss. Ten years later, Widows Forty Something and Under continues to support and comfort by answering some of the very same questions in early widowhood. Because of the experience gained at this widows support site I am now striving towards a career in Bereavement counseling with plans to dedicate services to widows and widowers, their families, and also to those widowed people who are addicted to drugs. I might not be 18 with "all of my life ahead of me" but at 48 it is a perfect time to begin life again!

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