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Matthew Hill

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    I was born in 1946. I was an Olympic gymnast until my parents were mauled by a bear when I was 12. Orphaned, I bounced in and out of foster homes until I was 18. Four years later I graduated from Heartbreak Ridge (1968) with a degree in lifetaking and heartbreaking. From 1968 until 1985 I was an instrument of the government who they claimed didn't exist. In 1985 I unknowingly found the fountain of youth under an iceberg on the northern coast of Canada. Having drank too much I was reverted back to infancy. My birth certificate and identity were falsified so I would be a newborn. Years later I found out the fountain of youth was paved over as it was too powerful to exist. Since my 'rebirth' I have shunned the ways of violence and gymnastics and focused on proving the academic community wrong.

    Professional experience

    Research Assistant

    Texas Tech University

    June 2008 - August 2010(2 years)


    BS in EE/ BS in CS (minor in math)

    Texas Tech University

    August 2003 - May 2008(5 years)

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