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Matthew Tucker

  • Assistant Professor
  • University of Minnesota Twin Cities

    Research interests

    Nature3.xManufactured EcologiesProsthetic LandscapesBluespaceSocio-ecological NarrativesRiversNovel EcosystemsLandscape ArchitectureAnthropocene


    My professional and scholarly interests concern the emerging Anthropocene paradigm as a driver of change in 21st-century design pedagogy and practice. My current research focuses on emerging socio-ecological narratives of the Anthropocene and potential new critical design discourses. In particular, my work speculates on a new lexicon of nature referred to as Nature 3.x. This work includes the examination of new theories of human-environment relationships emerging from the humanities and the sciences and their potential application to design through such concepts as post-natural environmentalism, hyperobjects, urban novel ecosystems, manufactured ecologies, landscape prosthesis and other related concepts. My work also includes video and photographic documentation of feral and prosthetic landscapes so as to advance receptivity to spontaneous and novel ecosystems. My professional experience and scholarship are the basis of my teaching. The center of my instruction is a concern for balance between scholastic inquiry and pragmatic application. My teaching is consistently oriented toward providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary for critical practice, while also exploring the application of ground-breaking scholarship emerging from the Anthropocene paradigm. I lead advanced seminars and studios that provide the creative space for students to explore these issues and to develop a method of critical inquiry and design investigation that I believe will be necessary to envision creative design strategies in response to the wicked and complex problems facing future generations of landscape architects.

    Professional experience

    Assistant Professor

    University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

    August 2012 - Present

    HWS Cleveland Fellow

    University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

    August 2011 - May 2012(9 months)


    Master of Landscape Architecture with Distinction

    Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

    September 1999 - May 2001(2 years)

    Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies

    Iowa State University College of Design

    August 1989 - May 1995(6 years)