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Max Wartelle

  • Fishing For Bishops


    "Chillin' at the club, pimping with my money", parties are more like "chillin' in the sun, with tea and milk and honey"..... although i am partial to the odd occasional bottle of rum ;) Check Fishing For Bishops! I also don't like tea in the morning. Grumpy bus drivers amuse me... until they don't let me one with a £20 note. I can't cook bread (toast). I love writing music, times are sweet when it starts flowing and you don't have to try at all, and those first few plays when you feel like you've written the best thing in the world ever :) Then someone points out its a liiil similar to what's been brainwashing you on the radio =|.

    Professional experience

    Fishing For Bishops

    May 2008 - Present